What to pay attention to for temporary construction of Concrete Pole Machine?

Pulished on Mar. 21, 2024

Cautions when we set up Concrete Pole Machine for temporary electricity use It is more versatile, and the following will introduce the temporary pole installation method by Concrete Electric Pole Machine Supplier.

First, when temporary lines are required for production, approve and sign the permitted period of use. Once it is exceeded, it will be dismantled immediately. If it is continued to be used, it must be strictly maintained.

Second, temporary equipment should be qualified for using qualified equipment and equipment. There must be a strict management system. After months of the person in charge of the relevant department and a person in charge, regular inspections shall be conducted. After the expiration of the period, the wires shall be insulated wires or cables.

Third, when setting up a temporary line, it is necessary to consider whether the power load balance and the switch protection setting value meet the requirements.

Fourth, the temporary line should be controlled by a switch, it should not be directly led out from the line, or the switch should be replaced by a bracket instead of a switch. The relevant equipment should be covered with fences or signs.

Fifth, the temporary line is not arbitrarily dragged and sloppy and can be laid along with the building structure. Its length should not exceed 10m in general, and the ground clearance should not be less than 4; pipe protection measures should be taken for laying along the ground. The length of temporary overhead lines must exceed 500m, the height from the ground shall not be less than 4-5m, and the distance from buildings, trees or other conductors shall not be less than 2m.

Sixth, it turns out that most of the safety accidents on the power lines are performed on the temporary open circuit. therefore. Hidden dangers such as leakage, broken skin, broken ground, and broken metal wires coming into contact with the metal structure of the temporary line conductor joints of the open circuit should be checked frequently and dealt with in a timely manner.

2. What are the characteristics of temporary lines

(1) Temporary general unit construction project-the period is only a few months.

(2) Aesthetic temporary lines should use qualified equipment and equipment and be beautiful.

(3) Use insulated wires or cables for balanced conductors. Installation of temporary lines should be considered = phase power load balancing, switch protection settings but whether they meet the requirements.

3. What is included in the temporary power supply

Concrete Spun Pole Machine

Concrete Spun Pole Machine

According to "The regulations must be adopted in power lines that are directly grounded at the individual points dedicated to the site. When the power unit has a special supply transformer, it should be powered according to the TN-s system. Overhead line power is often used in actual production. Five-core cable can be used. If the building construction site uses electricity for 100kW, or if there are more than 5 temporary power equipment, the temporary power supply construction design is used. The horizontal layout plan includes the preliminary determination of the best location for the power transformer, the number of days after the power supply is offline, and its plane layout, the location of the main distribution points, and the cross-sectional area of each trunk line.

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